Northwind Australian Shepherds

We currently have no puppies or adult dogs available.

Northwind Australian Shepherds Policy

Here at Northwind we make a lifetime commitment to our dogs and we expect anyone who acquires a dog from us to do the same. We do understand that sometimes a person may encounter unforeseen difficulties. Because of this, we require that no dog from Northwind be re-homed without our permission. We do this to ensure that a suitable home is found and that we always know where our extended family is and that they are being cared for properly. We are always willing to take a dog back and find a suitable home.

Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home.  They are very social and loving.  Parents are OFA'd and CERF'd and puppies come with a health guarantee and their first CERF certificate.  Copies of our contracts are available upon request.

Please do not be offended by the many questions we may ask.  This helps us to determine if an Aussie is the right dog for you and which puppy would be best suited for your family.  although the Aussie is a WONDERFUL breed  they are not for everyone.  Please do your research and ask us as many question as you can come up with.

Full payment plus shipping fees  if applicable (shipping approximately $400 depending on your location) are due at least 1 week prior to shipping
crate cost will vary, based on weight and height of puppy at shipping time, (approximate $45.00)  health certificate required by Airline $25

Companion Puppies
These puppies are perfectly suited to be a companion. Often they are show quality pups but we feel if you are not going to trial or earn conformation titles then these dogs do not need to be bred.  Companion puppies are sold on a Spay/ Neuter contract and Registration papers will be marked as limit

Show/ Breeding Puppies
These pups have been deemed show quality by me after careful evaluation at approximately 8 weeks old. These pups come with a detailed contract  and guarantee.
If you would like to view a Northwind Sales contract please email me.


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