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Northwind Puppy Questionnaire

Laurie Thompson
Whidbey Island, Washington
(425) 422-6049

Please copy and paste this page with your answers and email back to me

Northwind Australian Shepherds Puppy Questionnaire

Please do not be offended by the many questions I may ask. This helps us to determine if an Aussie is the right dog for you and which puppy would be best suited for your family. We maintain a waiting list and will notify those on the waiting list when a litter is born. We begin to take deposits when the pups are 4 weeks of age. We require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit which will be deducted from the total price. No puppy will be held without a deposit. Please fill out the questionnaire and either email it or fax it back to us.

1. Do you currently have any pets? If so what type, sex, temperament, age ect…

2. Tell us about your home? Do you live in a stick built house on its own property or another type of dwelling, condo, apt, trailer park ect… Do you have a fence area for the dogs so they can have free run exercise, will the dog be allowed in the house, how close are you to a major traffic area? If you live in an Apartment or Condo I will require a statement and phone number from the manager/owner of the building you live in that states you are able to have a dog while living there

3. Would you be willing to supply pictures of your home and yard or allow a home visit prior to puppy placement?

4. What are your plans for this puppy; Confirmation showing, pet, stock dog, performance?

5. Have you ever turned a dog into the Animal Shelter or Rescue group, why?

6. Tell us about your immediate family; do you have small children, elderly relatives living with you or maybe a special needs family member?

7. Do you work? If so what will you do with the dog while you are at work?

8. Have you ever taken a dog to obedience classes? If no, why ?

9. Tell us what breed of dog you have previously owned?

10. Please tell us what you are looking for out of this litter IE… Boy, girl, blue, black, show, pet ect…

11. How did you hear about Northwind Aussies?

Please provide 3 references to include their relationship to you and their email address.

Here at Northwind Australian Shepherds we take breeding seriously and we want you to taking owning just as serious. We work very hard to make sure that we place the correct puppy with the correct family but we need your help also.
Please familiarize yourself with the breed. Use the links listed on our website. Subscribe to the bi-monthly Journal and/or Aussie times, read books and ask questions!!!
There is no perfect dog all breeds have strengths and weaknesses and the Aussie is no exception! The Aussie is a self thinker and if allowed to get bored they WILL find some sort of entertainment with or without your permission. They love their families both human and animals and will thrive in an environment that allows them to be with them. Some aussie can be shy or “reserved” with strangers so they need plenty of socializing starting from the day you bring them home. Aussie shed, not just a little they shed a lot twice a year.
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